CD The Glow Within


CD The Glow Within
LAIKA Records / Rough Trade



CD The Glow Within

Ethereal and haunting “The Glow Within” intertwines the beautiful Celtic harp playing and voice of Nadia Birkenstock with the amazing percussion of Steve Hubback.
Indie Shaman Magazine

1.  Intro
2.  The Glow Within
3.  The Snow it melts the Soonest
4.  A Trip to the Islands
5.  The Lothian Hairst
6.  Blair Athole
7.  À la Source
8.  L’Animal Sorcier
9.  Distant Shore
10.  La Veille
11.  First Snow
12.  Shine
13.  Fontaine la Jolie
14.  The Siege
15.  Interlude Brian Boru
16.  Brian Boru’s March