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The voucher for Nadia Birkenstock’s Online Shop is valid for an unlimited period of time.

It can be used for any product: Sheet music PDFs, CDs, Livestream Concerts, other.

It can be applied to multiple orders in a row until the voucher amount is completely used up.
If the recipient’s order exceeds the (remaining) value of the voucher, the difference can be paid during the ordering process.

Sending the voucher – this is how it works:

If you would like to have the voucher sent immediately to the recepient by email…

then enter the email address of the recipient in the “To email address” field.
The recipient will receive the voucher by email immediately after payment has been received.

If you would prefer to send or print the voucher later ( e.g. to hand it over to the recipient personally)…
enter your own email address in the “To email address” field.
The voucher will then be sent to you first.
It contains a code and is transferable.